Introducing… Dark Ones Guilds!

We are establishing five official Guilds to help with these general areas of our events: Ambience, Gate & Security, Infrastructure, Management and Food & Drink.

Each of these has been structured to coordinate and combine the areas that have grown organically in our events. The job of the Guilds is not to run these areas for the events, but rather to provide training and support. Guild members may volunteer to run an area for an event, or may offer to support the event by helping with specific tasks.  The guilds are run completely separate from the events, but the goal is to have them make all of our events easier for the Event Heads by supplying staff if needed, maybe even running entire sections of events in the future.

After only almost 30 years of reinventing the wheel … the Dark Ones Members have stepped forward to give our Event Coordinators some much needed help…

— We present to you, the Dark Ones Guilds —


Why are we creating the Guilds?

All Dark Ones Events are run by three Dark Ones Members, known as the ‘Event Coordinator’. These three positions are called: the Event Head, Exchequer & Historian. The Event Coordinator are then in charge of filling these additional areas: Set up, Ambience, Kitchen, Bar, Front Gate, Security, Music, and Clean up… Plus there are lots of additional tasks that are also important, and they get handled by other individuals: Specialty Drinks & Non Alcoholic Drinks for the Bar, Making the Sign in Sheet, Manning “Sales Tables” at the Front Gate, a logistics person to organize Unloading and Reloading of the Trailer, and sometimes we want to have a game or dancers or something, if appropriate to the theme.

That is 20 people just to handle the basics … plus another 20-30 volunteers that are needed to pull off each of our 4+ events each year. (Find & coordinate 40 to 50 people… sounds daunting, eh?) Our hope is that Guilds will help us fulfill our staffing needs more easily, and offer a way for newcomers to also get involved in a meaningful way.


2019 Event Staffing by Party

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