Welcome to the Dark Ones Guilds Pages

We have established five Guilds to provide support for our efforts, organized to encompass the different aspects of our events that have grown organically over the years. The Guilds provide and encourage training for people who would like to get involved. Whether you’ve been helping out for a long time or you’re new to the idea, this page will help you figure out where to begin. 

Using this guide, you can choose which Guild(s) you might consider joining:

— If you enjoy crafting/decorating, or you think creating a game to play would be fun, or you’ve got connections with folks who might lend a bit of flair to our events, look into the Atmosphere Guild.

— If you’re good at food preparation, or think you’d enjoy serving drinks, check out our Tavern Keepers Guild.

— If you’d rather help set up tables & chairs, run extension cords and set up pavilions, our Infrastructure Guild is the one for you.

— If you’d like to welcome party attendees, or possibly assist with keeping a watchful eye, consider joining the Guardians Guild.

Our Event Coordinators Guild is restricted to Dark Ones’ members only, but it is for those who are interested in event management.

Table of Organization

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