The Dark Ones – February Party 2017

Theme: “Dungeons & Dragons”

DATE:                       Saturday, February 11, 2017
SITE:                        Ouroboros 3209 E. Corrine Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85032
TIME:                        Party starts at 7pm
COSTUME IDEAS: Adventurers, Monsters, SCA Garb or your Dark Ones PersonaWanted – Brave Adventurers!

The story starts, as it often does, at the Slithering Ouroboros Tavern…

Come one and all for a night of tales, cavorting, and “rolling for initiative,” if you know my meaning! Meet our dedicated staff, sample our fine ale and specialty drinks! Relax around the fire and prepare your adventuring party for the coming campaign.

Those seeking to form (or join) an Adventuring Group will be well rewarded, as this will be a night to remember. Treasure maps leading to riches and  experience beyond compare will be up for auction.  So bring your extra coin to make your bid… but wait! Light on coin?  …still want to have a chance at fame and fortune? …fear not! You can bid with “a story told” to all at the event …adventurers love to hear of the exploits of their brethren.  

Dress as your adventuring persona, fantastic character, or Dark Ones persona, or with your most comfortable SCA garb. The night is dark and full of terror, and only the brave will come out to play!

The tavern welcomes one and all, but like any bard it also welcomes your generosity. If you would be so kind as to share your wealth of foodstuffs, ale, gold, or time as a henchman, then we can truly raise your experience to epic adventures!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Party Head – Blackfeather
Party Exchequer – Mikhail
Party Historian – Rage (w/Shadowstalker)
Site Contact – Lief







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