Sponsorship in The Dark Ones

Here are the rules and regulations for becoming a member of the Dark Ones. This document is written for the use of both Sponsors and Prospectives.

If you have any questions on the subject you may contact our Membership Liaison Team (See link in the document below), as they are there in part to help you along the path of being a Sponsor or toward membership.

Membership Liaison Committee

Shadowstalker – Sponsor & Prospective Liaison
[Helps Sponsors & Prospectives] 

Blackfeather – Bio/Resume Developer
[Helps a Member or Prospective to write a DO Bio or Resume]

Dark Ones Sponsorship Guidelines

The 3 page document below has the nuts and bolts of the procedure, enjoy.

Dark Ones Persona Bio Submission Form

This form is for ‘Dark Ones Members’ and ‘Current Prospectives’.

It is to be used to update or submit your ‘Dark Ones Persona’ bio. We recommend that when you are ready to create a bio for the Dark Ones that you speak to one of our Membership Liaison Committee’s “Bio/Resume Developers” to help you create a bio that is constructed to meet with the Dark Ones expected Medieval Fantasy format and to get ideas on how to merge your ideas for your persona with the group idiom.


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