Future Events &  Volunteering

All Dark Ones Events are run by three people known as the ‘Event Coordinator’, these positions are the Event Head, Exchequer & Historian. (These three positions are always filled by Dark ones Members)

The Event Coordinator are then in charge of filling these additional areas: Set up, Ambience, Kitchen, Bar, Front Gate, Security, Music, and Clean up… Plus there are lots of additional tasks that are also important, and they get handled by other individuals: Specialty Drinks & Non Alcoholic Drinks for the Bar, Making the Sign in Sheet, Manning “Sales Tables” at the Front Gate, a logistics person to organize Unloading and Reloading of the Trailer, and sometimes we want to have a game or dancers or something, if appropriate to the theme.

That is 20 people just to handle the basics … plus another 20-30 volunteers that are needed to pull off each of our 4+ events each year. (Find & coordinate 40 to 50 people… sounds daunting, eh?) Our guilds help us fulfill our staffing needs more easily, and offer a way for newcomers to also get involved in a meaningful way.

If you would like to get involved in our events, contact us at Guilds@DarkOnes.org 

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