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Upcoming movies and why you might want to see them.


02   Red Sparrow

An injured ballerina is recruited by a secret Sparrow school that trains young people to use their minds and bodies as weapons. Why: Jennifer Lawrence

09   A Wrinkle in Time

Young girl searches for her father with the help of three celestial beings. Why: Based on the popular young adult book.

16   Tomb Raider

Laura tries to solve the mystery her father left her after his mysterious death. Why: Laura Croft gets a reboot

23   Pacific Rim Uprising

Do you really care about the story on this? Why: Giant robots fighting giant monsters!

29   Ready Player One

Virtual reality tycoon dies and bequeaths his fortune to whomever can solve the puzzle based on 80’s pop culture. Why: Directed and produced by Steven Spielberg.


13   Rampage

Based on the video game, giant gorilla, wolf and gator destroy buildings Why: Dwayne Johnson

27   Avengers: Infinity War

All the Marvel MCU. Why: If you have to ask why you probably shouldn’t go see it.


18   Deadpool 2

I can’t beat the official synopsis for the movie, click on the link and read it below the video. Why: Want to see if they can do it again.

25   Solo: A Star Wars Story

Han Solo, Chewbacca and Lando all meet for the first time. Why: More Star Wars

Gossip, Rumors and Other Guesses

In the stream:
New releases:

3/30 Series of Unfortunate Events season 2
4/13  Lost In Space reboot of the ’60 series
4/19  The Alienist crime reporter and psychologist investigate serial killer in late 19th century.

4/22  Westworld season 2

4/25   The Handmaid’s Tale season 2


Amazon: The internet giant has obtained rights to Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time and looks to make a series. There is definitely plenty of material for a long-running show!

Reel Comic Books:  DC has made clear they will have standalone movies that are separate canon from the movie universe. Following this there is word that Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to play the Joker in a standalone origin film.

Deadpool 2 will hit theaters in May and the next project is set to start filming in October. Both Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin are reprising their roles in the X-Force movie. It is unclear at this time what other X-Force members may appear.

Remakes & Sequels:  Ridley Scott is keeping busy, he has an idea for another Blade Runner sequel, and this is while he is assembling the Merlin Saga. The movies will be based on the 12-book series about the life and times of King Arthur’s famous wizard.

Ever think Jon Snow needed a light saber? We may get it, sort of. It has been announced by Lucasfilm that Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will write and produce a new series of Star Wars films.

Here is all the latest information on Terminator 6. The projected release date is 7/26/19 and both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton are confirmed for the movie. James Cameron is writing the script. In previous discussions with Cameron he has talked about picking up where T2 left off and pretending the other movies never happened. Cameron only worked on the first two Terminator movies.

We didn’t need one, but they gave us a Heathers remake anyway.

Now for Something Completely Different: Spider-Man and The Evil Dead director Sam Raimi is reportedly in negotiations to direct the film adaptation of Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicle, the highly acclaimed series that starts with The Name of the Wind.

Side Thoughts: I reported last issue that Quentin Tarantino is looking to make a Star Trek movie. While surfing the intertubes I found what could be a trailer for the movie, take a look!

Night Flier’s Pick

There a few movies to choose from this issue. I like the looks of Ready Player One — I enjoyed the book and the legendary Steven Spielberg is directing. One of Spielberg’s strengths is to make us care about what happens to the main characters. In this movie a lot of time is going to be spent in the “VR” world of computer graphics. It will be fun to see if the master storyteller can work his magic when the main character is so obviously fake looking.

Deadpool 2 merits consideration also. I can watch the first movie over and over, and I still get a laugh good laugh out of it. The type of humor in Deadpool can be very brittle and will break and shatter if not handled carefully. I really hope the writers keep this in mind and have treated the script with the care it deserves.

The previous two movies have the potential to be great, but as I have pointed out they come with some risks also. For this pick I am taking the tried and true safe option. Marvel has a track record spanning 10 years and 18 movies that are mostly must-see. So for this reason, Avengers: Infinity War is my pick.


Save me a seat!

Night Flier

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