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Quarterly Gossip, Rumors & Dates for Upcoming Movies
— by Night Flier

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Upcoming entertainment and why you might want to see it.
Special note on this issue: Due to the Covid-19 crisis many movies have been given delayed release dates. This means the list below is very lite and dates are subject to change after it has been posted.

In the Stream:

Netflix: The Lost Pirate Kingdom  3/15
The Irregulars   3/26
Shadow and Bone 4/23

Disney+The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 3/19

On the big Screen:


31 Godzilla vs Kong Want to know what it’s about? Read the title again! Why: Everyone needs a good giant monster movie now and then.
26 Senior Moment Retired NASA pilot loses his driver’s license and now must navigate the DMV and love. Why: Christopher Lloyd and William Shatner together again.


16  Mortal Kombat  The essence of Mortal Kombat is not about death, but life. Mortal men and women defending your own world! Why: The first was full of martial arts cheesy fun.  Hopefully, this one will be at least half as good.


07  Black Widow  Natasha Romanoff’s quest for redemption set between Civil War and Infinity War. Why: More Avengers fun.
21  Free Guy Ever wonder what the life of an NPC is like in a video game? Why: Ryan Reynolds and Taika Waititi in parts that look to fit them.
28 Cruella Young Cruella de Vil learns to hate dalmatians. Why: Even if the Disney live action versions have not all been great, they have never been bad. 

Gossip, Rumors and Other Guesses


Disney+:    Did you like WandaVision? If so look out for these upcoming Marvel titles coming to Disney+: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (3/19/21), Loki (6/11/21), What if…? (Summer 2021), Ms.Marvel (late 2021), Hawkeye (2022), Moon Knight (TBD), She Hulk (TBD), Secret Invasion (TBD), Ironheart (TBD), Armor Wars (TBD), and I am Groot (TBD)

Hulu:    If you are a fan of Alien you may want to get a Hulu subscription. Currently in development, the Alien series will be produced by Ridley Scott. Release date TBD.

HBO Max:    There are some unsubstantiated reports that HBO is working on a live action Harry Potter franchise series. It is unclear at this point if this is just a conversation or actually in development.

Netflix:    More information about Tim Burton’s Addams Family project for Netflix has been released. It will focus on Wednesday Addams coming of age and will simply be called Wednesday. Reminded me of a series a youtuber made a few years ago.

Remakes & Sequels:

The Dungeons & Dragons movie franchise is getting a reboot starring Chris Pine. Currently in pre-production.

Do you think we need a Revenge of the Nerds reboot? Seth MacFarlane seems to think we do, and is working on the project. Does nerd even mean the same thing it did in 1984?

Something Completely Different:

Not exactly something new, but it just had to go here.  First it was a movie, then a Broadway play and now it will be a movie again. The Musical Spamalot written by Eric Idle is getting a film adaptation. Click here to see a scene from the play. I hope Tim Curry will be able to play Arthur in the movie!

Reel Comics:

It’s going to be weird getting used to the idea of the Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbusters without Stan Lee’s cameos, but a new report is claiming that the void could be filled by Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool.

Night Flier’s Pick

Ryan Reynolds had a rocky start, a couple of okay rom-coms and then the disasters called X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Green Lantern. But since Deadpool it seems like everything he touches becomes a box office hit. He just had to find the niche that fit him.

That’s why I am choosing Free Guy as my pick. With both Reynolds and Taika Waititi (not directing this time) in parts that look made for them this could be good.

Hope we can be back in the theaters soon!

Night Flier

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