Office of the Exchequer

Position  Type Officer Term
Corporate Exchequer Officer Nikolai 01/07/2007 to Present
Deputy OPEN 09/18/18 to Present
Quartermaster Officer Shadowstalker 05/09/17 to Present
Deputy Phantom 05/19/2013 to Present
Deputy Psycho 2014 to Present
Deputy Ozzy 2015 to Present
Deputy Tihnkyr 2014 to Present
Deputy Celti 2014 to Present
Deputy  Rage 2017 to Present
Holder of the Regalia Deputy Blaze 2015 to Present
MerchMaster Officer OPEN 2014 to Present

Monk coins

Historian Committee

Position  Type Officer Term
Chief Historian Officer Margie
01/30/10 to 01/2022
Jan 2022+
Archivist Officer Wilgar 2010 to Present
Chronicler [Archived Position] Officer Margie 01/30/2007 to 03/10/15
Digital Networking Administrator (DNA) Officer  Margie 2015 to Present
Farspeak Database Administrator (FDA) Officer


2014 to 07/01/19
07/01/19 to Present
Photo Archivist Officer Tihnkyr 2014 to Present
Scribe Officer Markus 2010 to Present
Webmaster Officer Shadowstalker, Morgan 2012 to Present


Activities Coordinators

Position Type Officer Term
House Parties & Attending Conventions Officer Closed [Now Guilds] [Prev: Markus 2012 to 11/03/20]
Guilds & Member Only Events Officer Margie 05/10/19 & 2014 to Present
Family Events Officer Closed [Now Guilds] [Prev: Ozzy 2010 to 11/03/20
Dinner Club Officer Closed [Now Guilds]
 Grimm Xmas Tales Officer Closed [Now Guilds]



Monk Keg

 Other Officers

Position  Type Officer Term
Member Liaison Officer Shadowstalker 2021 [OPEN] 06/29/21 to Present
Sponsor & Prospective Liaison Officer

Scrivener (Trainee)
[Prev: Amethyst]

06/29/21 to Present
09/14/2021 to Present
[01/10/17 to 06/28/21]
 Bio/Resume Developer Officer  Blackfeather 01/10/17 to Present
 Atmosphere Guildmaster Officer  Prisma 09/14/19 to Present
 Event Coord’s Guildmaster Officer  Markus 01/12/19 to Present
 Guardians Guildmaster Officer  Oshiah 01/12/19 to Present
 Infrastructure Guildmaster Officer  Shadowstalker 01/12/19 to Present
 Tavern Keepers Guildmaster Officer  Margie 09/14/19 to Present
 Guild Recorder [All guilds] Officer  Tihnkyr 01/12/19 to Present
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