“Midnight at the Oasis”

The Dark Ones Summer Party

 The Dark Ones’ August 21st, 2021 Party


 August Party Questionnaire — Save us a call!


Site Opens: 7:00 pm
Party Starts: 8:00 pm
Bar Closes: 2:00 am
Site Closes: 3:00 am

Suggested costumes: belly dancer, snake charmer, sultan/sheik, bedouin, djinn/efreet, Dark Ones persona, medieval garb. Bring a bathing suit & towel if desired.

There is a legend, whispered among lost and tired travelers throughout the ages, of a mysterious oasis. No matter the region, an unforgiving desert, uncharted island, even decrepit cities, they tell the tale. Suddenly the air shimmers, the grey curtain of this world rolls back, and the oasis appears before you. After so long alone on the road seeking the company of others, just when you gave up hope — what you were seeking has found YOU.

Join the Dark Ones for our Summer Party, where you can reunite with friends from across time while enjoying the cool pool waters on another hot summer night. Fantasy comes back to life, where caravans cross the desert, nomads and sultans alike gather at the mysterious oasis called Shadowhaven. Transport yourself by camel, magic carpet, or some other conveyance, and join us at our “Midnight at the Oasis” party.

Bring tasty morsels from your travels to share, individual servings are preferred for sanitary considerations. We will be running a modified Bar in order to reduce standing in line — we will offer beer, cider and a specialty drink in single use cups, and not a full bar/custom drinks. You may bring (& store) your own beverages. We will have cans of soda & bottled water available for our non-alcoholic options.

Please fill out the questionnaire

We haven’t had an event in over a year so please donate if you can.

Event Head: Tihnkyr
Exchequer: Markus
Historian: Alchemy
Site: Shadowhaven (8726 N 48th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85302)
Discord: Dragon Server on Discord

If you are in a High Risk household, are sick, or were exposed to COVID-19 two weeks prior to the event, please feel free to attend via Discord.

We prefer that people complete their vaccination cycle before attending our events.

We will take your temperature at the Gate (any with elevated temperature will not be admitted).

The Site Host requires masks to be worn at all times while you are in the house, which is where the food, the dance floor, and the bathrooms are. Masks are not required in outdoor areas.

Social Distancing – you are responsible for handling your own distancing.

The bathroom line will be managed, limiting the bathroom line to three people (at a time).

Policy enforcement will be handled by The Dark Ones Rangers.

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