Status: DOA
Tenure Date: NA
Member Since: 07/27/19
Sponsor: Margie [on 12/01/18]
Additional Sponsors: Prisma, Merchant

Sunshine Michelle Rodriguez (aka Alchemy) began helping at the End of the World party in 2012. You’ve seen this tiny dynamo working industriously in the Ambience dept, helping in the Kitchen, and with SetUp and CleanUp… AND she’s been making the Specialty Drinks for the parties for a couple years now. She’s bright, creative, energetic and makes a great addition to the group!

Known Aliases: Moviala, Mizzrym
Current Residence: Mist-Mast Inn, Waterdeep
Place of Origin: Menzoberranzan
Profession: Mixologist of fi ne alcohol (former poisoner)
Race: Drow
Height: 4’11”
Hair Color: White (this month)
Eye Color: Red
Distinguishing Characteristics: Pointy ears, red eyes, resting bitch face
Favored Weapon: Poison or Whiskey
Likes: Spiders, Alcohol, Sarcasm, People who tip
Dislikes: Stupid lawful paladins, Twitchy city guards, Teetotalers
Al lies: My coworkers, some of the Mistshore Guard, and people who want other people dead for reasonable
Enemies: Most of Menzoberranzan, some of the Mistshore Guard, and people who are upset that other
people are dead because of reasonable rates
Special Lineage or Associations: None I want to remember, or have remember me


“In Menzoberranzan, if you’re not a matron and sometimes even if you are, the shortest distance between two points is the lust for
power and an untimely death. There is also the general unspoken rule that you will walk this insane path for the “glory” of your
house and not for currency. I realized very early that was not for me. I found my path when I was 75, from one of our slaves who
once belonged to the fallen house Oblodra. She specialized in potions and poisons and taught me the craft in turn for my silence
on her side-business. I soon learned I too could make good coin if I kept my poisons strong and my dealings secret. I started
building a considerable strong box against the inevitable shitstorm I saw in my future.

“I was nearing 100 when my mother was murdered by my uncle, after she bested my aunt in the underdark… this is normal family
values. Shortly after I also realized I was going to fail out of Arach-Tinilith (Drow prep school) for 1) not having enough devotion
to place our Goddess Loth before my own interest and 2) being a sarcastic, disrespectful spiderling. This would have been a death
sentence due to dishonor so I made arrangements to leave permanently. I used almost half of the coin I had amassed to have
Bregan D’aerthe “escort” me to the city of Waterdeep. Once there I began the fun and high-stakes game of ‘avoid the city watch
while fi nding employment’, Drow edition. I eventually found myself at the Mist-Mast Tavern in the Mistshore district. I overheard
the owner lamenting that his latest shipment of fi rewater was undrinkable swill. I tried it, he wasn’t wrong. Enter me, who added
a few herbs and carefully measured drops of “exotic” substances and came up with something that tasted vaguely like a paradise
in a glass. I found a friend, found a job that played to my strengths, found a base with questionable clientele for my own side
business. My love/hate relationship with the city guard is a tale for another day. Below ground, above ground, belladonna or firewater, some things never change.”

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