Sword & Sorcery: An Anime Dream

April 28, 2018

Site — 2911 W Belmont Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85051-6609

Set-up Friday at 5:30 pm [April 27th] 

Clean-up Sunday at 10:00 am [April 29th] 


Man-eating Titans roam the lands… sword-wielding warriors riding into battle against Demon Lords… fire breathing dragons greeted by knights of the realm… vampires and horrors prowling distant villages… spirits riding alongside spice merchants… all these worlds combined. Welcome, dear dreamer, to the Dark Ones April Party.

If you accept our invitation, you will find yourself surrounded by dreamlike images, populated by caricatures of people you know. Even your own appearance has changed to be the outward expression of your inner desires. How will you get here, you ask? Our resident sorcerer, Dr. LeHo, will bring you here through the dream world.

Costume Ideas: Medieval garb, brightly colored garb and hair, oversized weapons or ornate armor, all things anime

Remember to bring gold for the Jar, a bottle for the Bar, and food from afar… Come help us set the party up on Friday night, and return on Sunday morning for Clean Up!

Also, consider bringing some extra coin to pick up your DarkCon membership!

Head: Dr. LeHo
Ex: Mikhail
Hx: Scrivener/Smoke

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