The Dark Ones August Party 2017 at Shadowhaven

August Party Planning Meeting THURSDAY 08/03/17 at Shadowhaven

Event Theme

“Island of Mystery”

August 19, 2017

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Event Triumvirate
Markus – Event Head
Amethyst – Exchequer
Aurum – Historian


Greetings, travelers, to this “Island of Mystery”!  Many of you have passed through the (April Party) portal at Dachaigh, but others washed ashore, shipwrecked and stranded.  We bid you, explore the island and learn its secrets.

You arrived at a strange tropical island where rumors abound of a deranged scientist and threatening beastfolk.  Be on your guard with the natives and their peculiar island concoctions at the bar pavilion.  Enjoy a cooling dip in the lagoon, listen to stories of foreign deities or explore the compound said to be the hub of island activity.  Try your luck at surviving the delicacies laid out in the laboratory for your feasting pleasures.  Beyond the lab you will find a place where you can join your fellow arrivals writhing to the beat of the music though the night.

Costume ideas: beastfolk, islander, shipwrecked passenger, evil henchman, lab technician, mad scientist, Dark Ones persona

Donations of time, money and food are much appreciated!

Please fill out the Questionnaire — HERE

— We also need some people to help round out the characters on the island!
If you are willing to be in costume and help us to complete the theme, please fill out the Questionnaire — HERE 

Potluck page link – Requiem — HERE

Markus – Event Head
Amethyst – Exchequer
Aurum – Historian

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