SITE – Shadowhaven
8726 N 48th Ave, Glendale AZ 85302

Event Start 8:00 pm
Bar Close 2:00 am
Event End 3:00 am



Party Staff Contact info
Set-up — Blackfeather

Clean up — Echostrike [Trailer — Rage]

Food Coordinator — Torus

Ambiance — Prisma

Gate / Check in — Scrivener

Bar Head — Falconer

Event Head — Aurum

Event Exchequer — Merchant

Event Historian — Gannd

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Dark Ones August Party

Theme: Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves***



Please save us a phone call!

— Party Planning Meeting 07/25/18 6:00 pm [Contact Aurum] —

Often the Dark Ones bring a party to those in need of a good time, but seldom does the party come to them.

The gypsy caravan arrives at Shadowhaven on August 18th, bringing fortune-telling, palm reading and the late-night revelry and dancing we all love so much. But keep an eye out for the camp followers, the tramps and thieves that show up to fleece the unwary of their hard-earned coin.

The gypsy curse is likely a myth, but don’t risk it — treat our bohemian guests with respect or you may wake up with mysterious pain or some bad luck!

Enjoy the exotic drinks, and keep your coin safe from the thieves by leaving it at the Bar! Remember to bring some food to share and savor additional delicacies from other lands.

Volunteer a few hours to help us set up camp 6 pm Friday night, or take it down at 10 am Sunday morning!

Costume ideas: gypsies, bandits, DO persona, fortune-teller, thief, tribal dancer, camp follower

Site opens 8pm
Bar closes at 2am
Site closes at 3am

Remember a swimsuit & towel if you’d like to refresh yourself in the local pond.

Head: Aurum
Exchequer: Merchant
Historian: Gannd

Also, consider bringing some extra coin to pick up your DarkCon membership!

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*** Theme Notice — it has been brought to our attention that people sometimes use the term “Gypsy” as a slur… we are not looking to offend anyone, nor take away from anyone’s feeling on this matter…. we are not in any way using the term in that way. — Our themes are often irreverent and usually fantasy based, more than reality… In this case our party head has a persona that is a gypsy in the world she was created in… a nomadic and free-spirited group of people that travel that world in caravans trading across the known world. Some of these people do readings as a way to guide people in their life paths as well. We are celebrating the amazing cultural and travelling aspects of those people. We are also using the Song by Cher [Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves] as a play on the theme as a throwback.— We celebrate to idealized parts of our themes, just like the SCA idealizes the best of the Middle Ages [a really crappy time in history in many ways]. I hope this helps you understand our perspective. If you have questions please contact

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