Status: Dark One
Tenure Date:  12/03/22
Member Since: 01/28/17
Sponsor: Margie

Aurum (aka Austin Page) started helping with Dark Ones’ parties in 2012 working in the Kitchen, and now has run two August Parties! 


Aurum’s Bio:
Known Aliases


Current Residence / Place of origin

Wherever the winds blow / The Outlands


Gypsy Fortune-teller

Race / Height / Hair / Eyes

Human / 5’3 / Pale / Green

Distinguishing Characteristics

Sly grin, generally friendly, very distinct lack of gracefulness

Favored Weapon

Bow, though knives aren’t out of the question


Chocolate, revelry, grace, broken things, shinies


Flagstones, rich aristocrats who aren’t generous, doorways

Aurum: Biography / Back Story

Aurum the Gypsy was raised as a traveler. Her caravan stopped in many places, though tended to camp for the winters when icy roads grew too perilous to travel, and would move on when the local bandit population grew too rowdy. As time went on, families would leave the caravan to settle down somewhere they liked — and Aurum’s family did that around the time she turned 18. Her family and one other decided to settle down, marrying many of their sons and daughters away to good, well-to-do families.

Aurum felt the need to keep traveling, however, and so left her family and continued along the path her Caravan followed, an enormous circle. The circuit last takes two years, and this is currently her third cycle alone — tasting all of the alcohol, getting herself into every bit of trouble, and reading as many fortunes and palms as she possibly can. She tried to dance for money, but found her lack of grace left much to be desired, and settled instead on fortune-telling to feed herself.

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