UPDATE 03/30/15

Numbers so far:

20+ people for Flagstaff

22+ people for Las Vegas!

We hope that the rest of you will choose to come up too. Either Flagstaff, Las Vegas or both! It is shaping up to be a trip you won’t want to have missed!!!

BlackHawke Graduates!

Flagstaff, AZ Commencement Details
Events Late May 8 thru Early May 9

BlackHawke [Known mundanely as Shawn C. Lee] has completed his academic program, and was conferred a Bachelors of Science degree in Information Technology Management on December 12th, 2014. He will have his Commencement on May 9th, 2015.

There will be multiple commencement ceremonies throughout the day. BlackHawke’s specific ceremony will be held on May 9th at 9:00 AM at the J Lawrence Walkup Skydome on the campus of Northern Arizona University.

More details about how to get to the dome, where to park, and more can be found at:
BlackHawke’s ceremony is listed on the site as Ceremony 3.

A large group of people will be heading up to Flagstaff on Friday, May 8th to attend BlackHawke’s graduation on May 9th. they’ll be staying at the Hotel Monte Vista (and drinking/partying at the Rendezvous Coffee House & Martini Bar) on Friday night. If you wanna go, keep in mind that it is Graduation Weekend, so hotel/motel reservations may be at a premium. More details can be had by contacting Falconer at ladyspazz@cox.net.

Friday Night
Rooms in Flagstaff

Hotel Monte Vista

Where to Drink!



Rooms in
Las Vegas

Luxor through Trevago.com
$150 1x King / $162 2x Queen
(Includes Taxes fees etc)

Hotel Luxor

Late Night Saturday

Rí Rá Irish Pub

Constructed from a pub restored in Ireland with a comprehensive drink list and fare that defies pub standards… this is our late night food stop.

Full Dinner until 1 am
Bar food until 3 am
Drinks until dawn
Fish & Chips anyone?

RiRa Pub

BlackHawke’s Las Vegas Party!

Events Thursday May 7 thru Sunday May 10

This celebration is so important, we are starting it two days before BlackHawke gets to Las Vegas!

Immediately after commencement ceremonies on May 9th, part of the Flagstaff group will be meeting up with everyone else in Vegas. [We are staying at the Luxor.]

There will be a party on Saturday night at the Luxor to celebrate BlackHawke’s accomplishments.
[See below for more details about the party.]

If you are going to Vegas, you will be responsible for your own hotel space.

As noted, some of us will go straight to Las Vegas on Thursday night May 7th to get the party started and see some shows! Contact Shadowstalker for info on whats happening Thursday, Friday & Sunday nights!!!

If you think you might want to tag along or for additional information in general contact BlackHawke, Falconer [ladyspazz@cox.net] or Shadowstalker for all the details.

P.S. BlackHawke does herein decree …

There will be a pilgrimage on Sunday afternoon to celebrate at the following Holy Shrines: The Pin Ball Hall of Fame and the Las Vegas Guinness Store!

P.P.S. Shows — There WILL be Shows!!!

Shadowstalker is coordinating information on other shows and events people are planning while in Las Vegas on Thursday thru Sunday… If you are interested in hooking up with or just want more info on these or other events drop him a line at shadowstalker (at this domain)

Two More important stops in Las Vegas!


Guinness Store

Oh what can a person find to do on a Friday Night in Las Vegas…

ZumanityOh, the Zumantiy…

Saturday evening we are all gathering at the Luxor [in a ‘Premiere Tower Suite’] and that’s when the fun starts!

Schedule so far:

We are doing some serious drinking for sure…
There will be munchies in the suite [to help soak up the alcohol in our systems]
Plenty of Gambling, of course, is available for those that feel the need
We likely will walk or drive the Vegas Strip at some point (Only with a designated driver of course)
I expect we will need some real food [and a drink] between midnight and 1 am ish, so off to Rí Rá Irish Pub…
They have full dinner until 1 am [and bar food until 3 am!]

We hope to hear a bunch of other ideas as we get closer, so stay in touch!


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