Status: Dark One
Tenure Date: 10/11/89
Member Since: 10/11/89
Sponsor: Darkyr

Biographical Information:
It is a Dark Age. An age of Evil. Families flee from their homes in the wake of an oppressing army. Some manage to escape and travel underground in hopes of eluding the devastating onslaught and the dark cloud of death that hangs over it, blighting the countryside.
In the bowels of the Empire, they are met by dark strangers, dwellers under the frozen wastelands known as Dokkálfar. The Dokkálfar listen to the plight of these foreigners who have entered their lands and  tell them that they are not welcome, they cannot stay, and that their place is above, in the light of the sun. Their hopes fading, they turn to leave, although they have no destination in mind. They are lost in a nightmare land of darkness.
It is then that a young woman, heavy with child, succumbs to the labor of birth.  The Dokkálfar, perhaps taking pity on these refugees ,say they know of a way to another land in the light of the sun. They will guide the families there, but for one price: This new baby, born here in the darkness, must bear their namesake, the name of Dokkálfar. To this the mother agrees, wishing only to see again the light of the sun.
The journey is short, through mystical passages long forgotten by all but the Dokkálfar, connecting lands that would otherwise be separated by distances so mighty, a man could never traverse them in all his family’s lifetimes. When they enter again the light of the sun, they are in lands of which none among them have ever heard tell, yet they are home. The proud mother holds her new baby in the soft evening light and whispers his name…’Darkyr’.


Known Aliases: 
Current Residence:  The Ozarks – The Inn of the Slumbering Hound
Place of Origin:  Carthage – Empire of the Star
Profession:  Marketer of Consigned Goods
Race: Human / Height: 6’0″   / Weight: 
Hair Color: Ash / Eye Color:  Gray
Distinguishing Features: —
Title(s):  Baron of Garret Tor 
Favored Weapon: The Shadows and Tempered Steel 
Likes:  / Dislikes: 
Allies:  / Enemies: 
Special Lineage or Associations: 

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