Dead Man’s Party 2015

“Game of Thrones”

Saturday, October 31

7:00 pm – 2:00 am

7742 N 32nd Drive Phx (Peridot’s home)


“All Men Must Die”

The Long Night of Westeros: Winter Has Come.

Crows from the Wall have been sent throughout the Seven Kingdoms, and they bear but one message: The White Walkers return, and with them their Army of the Dead.

Winter has come, for all of us. There is no escape.

In these Dark Times, there is but one last task before the Walkers cross the Wall riding their dead horses… Feast on your storehouse, open all the ale casks, and enjoy what time you have left as the light fades away. Come together with your friends and comrades and talk of old times, good days, and the Dream of Spring.

Consider “taking the black” — Be a Ranger and volunteer at the Check-in station; join the Stewards and come help in the kitchen or at the grill; be a Builder and help with Setup or Cleanup!

The Iron Bank of Braavos will appreciate your contribution of coin. You may also contribute food for the Red Wedding feast, or bring a bottle for the Castle Black bar (rum, vodka & whiskey are most helpful to stave off the cold).

Costume Ideas: GoT character (remember there are hundreds of years of Westerosi history we’ve never seen), wildling, white walker, your DO persona, medieval garb.

[Or heck, if you’re party-hopping (it IS Halloween, after all) just wear whatever, we don’t mind.]

Party Coordinators

Event Heads – Chameleon, Margie
Event Exchequer – Falconer
Event Historian – Mikhail

Food Coordinator – Requiem
Bar Coordinator – BlackHawke
Set Up Coordinator – Doughal
Clean Up Coordinator – Celti

Star Wars tickets will be available for purchase! (We take credit cards.)

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