Dead Man’s Party 2016 “Abominations of Science

Saturday, October 29      7:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Site Address

7742 N 32 Drive, Phx, AZ 85051

Cross Streets

31 Ave / Northern Ave





Event Staff

Event Head – Chameleon
Exchequer – Blackfeather
Historian – Brimstone

Site – Random
 – Amethyst
 – BlackHawke
 – Margie
Ambience – Chameleon
Music – Tihnkyr
Set up – Rage
Clean up – Doughal

The old Chameleon Place has been abandoned for years, home only to spiders and ghosts. But there are whispers that that someone or something has moved in. Passing motorists tell of strange lights in the dead of night. Spectral beings are glimpsed flitting in the windows, some that were once human, some completely unearthly. Creatures neither living nor dead lurch and stagger mindlessly through the surrounding forest. Neighboring townsfolk hear the grinding of gears and snap-hiss of electricity. And the screams…

Join the Dark Ones this October as we pierce the mystery of this accursed estate, where madness and machinery and the crackle of lightning join to pervert the secrets of life and death. Our lead investigators Chameleon, Brimstone, and Blackfeather welcome you to witness the conclusion of these travesties, these abominations of science.

But beware, the new occupants are in need of raw materials, souls to tear apart or flesh to stitch together. Whatever you do, don’t come up to the lab and see what’s on the slab. There’s a good chance it’ll be you!

We always need helpful Igors to assist with the setup and cleanup of the party — please volunteer! (We promise not to comment on your shifting hump.)

Consider bringing a culinary treat for the autopsy table, a bottle of spirits to share with the villagers of the local pub, or make a donation to… science!

Costume suggestions – Be a mad scientist of any genre, from Gothic to Lovecraftian to post-apocalyptic. Frankenstein’s monster types and undead also welcome. We’re paying tribute to Gene Wilder, so anything from “Young Frankenstein” is acceptable. Angry villagers, buxom beauties, limping assistants, daring investigators, even cultists are acceptable. Dark Ones persona or medieval garb are always in order.

Event Head: Chameleon
Exchequer: Blackfeather
Historian: Brimstone

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