Dr LeHo 111Dr Le-Ho


Status: Dark One
Tenure Date: 02/23/08
Member Since: 10/28/00
Sponsor: —

Biographical Information:
Last Call to arms.

Wake up, the woods are burning
Wake up, the wall is torn
Wake up, betrayal has been sheltered
Wake up, You ride to war.

Wake up, Your armor has gone missing
Wake up, Your needs are no longer known
Wake up, Your skills have been stolen
Wake up, You are alone.

Wake up, The truth is unforgiving
Wake up, What is right can not be remembered
Wake up, This thing has been already written
Wake up, The past is all they let you know

Wake up, Your lovers now belong to them
Wake up, The destroyers write the tale
Wake up, You are no longer seen as yourself
Wake up, You are no longer hale

Wake up. Your courage is a dream
Wake up, Your virtues are not seen
Wake up, You live under an oppressive curse
Wake up, You sleep to long,

Wake up, you cannot flee
Wake up, You still hope that glories come
Wake up, Yet perhaps the day is not done
Wake up, The river still has it course to run.

Wake up, the sprit is not done.



Known Aliases:
Current Residence: Timbuctu
Place of Origin: Unknown
Profession: Sage
Race: High Elven  / Height: 5′ 8″ / Weight:  Unknown
Hair Color: Grey/Brown / Eye Color: Golden
Distinguishing Features:
Title(s): Unknown
Favored Weapon: Quick and unseen
Likes: Sex, SF, Food, Drink, Love, Song, Wind, Stars, Magic
Dislikes: A large part of everything else.
Allies:  / Enemies:
Special Lineage or Associations:

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