“NecronomiCon: The Gathering


The Dark Ones Fall Party

October 29, 2022


Party Questionnaire — Save us a call!


Please fill out the: Event Questionnaire 
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COVID Policies: [See below]

Site: Nine Gates (10712 N 64th St, Scottsdale, AZ 85254)

Party Starts: 7:00 pm
Bar Closes: 2:00 am
Site Closes: 3:00 am

Note: There are bee hives in the corner of the yard, please stay at least 50′ away from them.

Costume suggestions (optional): Necromancer, dead, Reanimator or reanimated, wizard or sorceress, mummy, zombie, Frankenstein or monster, Igor, stitches, random body part, unconventional conventionist, DO persona, peasant garb with torch or pitchfork

As the days begin to shorten and the veil of our reality grows thin, every Necromancer’s thoughts drift towards peak season for Raising the Dead. The Living Impaired Coalition of Healers [LICH] invites you to attend our annual convention – and this year we’re at a new venue, the lovely Nine Gates resort* in Scottsdale, Az.

Our program will include celebrity guests with photo ops, panels & workshops, gaming, costume contest – and be sure to check out the deadly delights in the convention’s Hospitality Suite!

We’re excited to mention that the hotel is getting into the SPIRIT of the event – the hotel’s bar is going to be The Boneyard, featuring an eternal Happy Hour! And the lobby coffee kiosk is joining in the fun, transforming into Skullbucks, offering drinks to wake the dead! As ever, we look forward to channeling our dearly departed via Discord.

Our Hospitality Suite will be potluck, so please bring a dish of body parts to share. Consider dropping an arm, a leg, or cash in the Donation jar (cash fits in the jar much better than arms or legs), to help the Coalition cover costs. We ❤ our lab assistants, everyone needs an Igor – please consider volunteering to help us have a great event!

Event Head: Tihnkyr
Event Historian: Scrivener
Exchequer: Prisma

Please fill out the Event Questionnaire

Donations via PayPal

Covid Policy (may change, but for now is): Masks optional inside & outside. If you’re sick or in a high-risk household, please only attend via Discord.

* “Nine Gates” is a private home on the edge of Scottsdale, not a hotel, that is just a theme thing. 🙂
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