Status:     Prospective
Tenure Date:     NA
Member Since:     NA
Sponsor:      Margie [on 11/28/23]
Co-sponsors:                     Tihnkyr, Shadowstalker, Sanguin Luna, Arrow, Psycho
                                                 Oshiah, Prisma, Blackfeather, Brimstone, Ozzy, Pagyn, Aurum
Members in Support:     Scrivener, Alchemy

      In the midst of Naifar’s daily hum, there’s a figure who walks the line between the arcane and the divine, a warlock named Flynt. His patron is the god of community, a celestial being that cherishes the ties that bind people together.
      Dressed in the white and indigo vestments of his oath, Flynt moves with a quiet confidence. A flint knife, its antler handle etched with subtle runes, accompanies his journey. In moments of challenge, Flynt calls upon the modest but potent magic granted by his patron. His spells, unassuming yet effective, serve to protect and support those around him, a reflection of the collective strength inherent in community.
      Known as a mediator and a quiet guardian, Flynt doesn’t seek the spotlight. Instead, he navigates the complexities of his divine pact with humility, striving to foster connections and understanding among those he encounters. His actions are a simple reflection of the god of community’s teachings, a reminder that strength lies in unity, even in the most unassuming forms.


Current Residence: Bebir
Place of origin: Naifar
Profession: Adventurer
Race: Human
Height: 5’6”
Weight: Lean, but not skinny
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Brown
Favored Weapon: Magic
Dislikes: Those who harm innocent people
Allies: Margie, Tihnkyr, Shadowstalker, Prisma, Oshiah, Arrow, Sanguin Luna, Psycho
Associations: Current agent of an unnamed celestial

Dark Ones Resume

Brian Wendt’s first event was Dead Man’s ‘17, where he brought an amazing brain dessert. Since 2017, he’s been consistently helping with Setups & Cleanups, running Setup for Fall ‘22 party, and Cleanup for Fall ‘23 party, plus attending a Trailer Day. He’s in the Infrastructure guild and is joining the Guardians guild, and has been the Department Head for Logistics since April ‘23.

Since he joined the guilds, he’s been getting to know folks at our Member events, and participated in the “Frank & Jo Fundraising Move” days.



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