Gunslinging Monster Hunter

by Vorpal

I entered a dark cave. A big bristly spider with red glowing eyes rushed me. It looked scary, and I wasn’t sure how to hurt it. I have only a few simple things at my disposal: sharp vision, rugged good looks, and blasters holstered low on my hips.

Adrenaline kicked in and instinct took over. I heard the tick-tick-tick of its legs echoing from the rocky floor, and the rustle of guns brushing leather. I sighted in on its spindly joints and, both blasters blazing, I took the ankles and knees out of its two front legs. That slowed its charge and brought forth a keening howl. It was still coming.

I dove to the left, narrowly missing a bite from its pincers that would have cut my torso in half. While in mid-air, I twisted and brought my arms up, blasting at two of the spider’s remaining right legs.

Its deafening screech rang in my ears. Without enough support for its right side, the spider’s bulk crashed to the ground. The glow in its eyes had faded, but its pincers were gnashing even faster. It began dragging itself awkwardly across the cavern floor toward me.

With the giant spider’s current lack of mobility, I had enough time to stand and take proper aim for a coup-de-grace, and blasted a crater into its ugly head. Green slime coated my vest.

“Well folks, it’s a dirty job,” I said aloud, to no one in particular. I did a fancy flourish with my blasters before holstering them. Hey, ya gotta enjoy the little things…


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