Status: Dark One
Tenure Date: 6/9/1990
Member Since: 6/9/1990
Sponsor: Shadowstalker

Biographical Information:
I spent my youth in Narwell on the Wild Coast. When I was only ten, my father signed on as a guard for a ‘lady of importance’ on return to her lands in the Viscounty of Verbobonc. While crossing the Kron Hills we were attacked; my father, the lady, and most of the guards were killed. I found myself alone and on my own in Verbobonc, where I learn to survive via child gangs, then the streets.

As I came into adulthood I found myself spending more time in the Kron Hills, and the borderlands of the Gnarley Forest. A few years later on an adventure, I came across an item that allowed me to shape-change into a black jaguar. I then oft lived as a jaguar in the hills and forests for months at a time.

Spending so much time as a jaguar, one night, deep in the forest, I had a waking dream. This vision initiated a sequence of events where I travelled the world, gathering the remainder of the Cat Lord Relics. Upon achieving the last of the Relics, I sought out and found the temple of the Cat Lord. I placed the relics upon the altar, returning them to their rightful place, so ending a chapter of my life; I would miss the jaguar in me…

But then something amazing happened, as I left the grotto at the temple. I was approached by a great cat… and granted the ability to shape-shift into “Jaguar” at will; my new life began.

It was only a decade from the day I arrived in Verbobonc as a child to that fateful day I met Darkyr & Shadowstalker at the University of Viridistan in Shadowhaven… we became lifelong friends and I found that I had relocated to Shadowhaven more or less permanently. Adventuring often, travelling ever.

After a few years as a Duke of Shadowhaven, I realized that court life was not my cup of tea. I had early on built a Keep in one of the Shadowhaven Imperial Preserves, and placing my Duchy in competent hands I became the full time Warden of the preserve, deep in the jungle where I belong.

Current Residence: Jaguar’s Lair
Place of Origin: Lands of Greyhawk
Profession: Warden
Race: Shapeshifter
Height: 5′8″
Weight: 180 pounds
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue/Grey or Gold
Distinguishing Features: Occasional Fur
Titles: Duke, Warden
Favored Weapon: Dirk / Long Sword
Likes: A good hand-crafted beer
Dislikes: Fools
Allies: The Dark Ones
Enemies: Only a few left (need to be taken care of)
Special Lineage or Associations: Married to Celene

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