Status: Prospective
Tenure Date: NA
Member Since: NA
Sponsor: Psycho [on 01/23/23]

Marassaya grew up in a quiet farming village near an immense forest. Where she lived a quiet simple life. Simple and boring.

She had heard rumors that the forest was magical and that there were fey beings and magical beast. Being bored of her life, she packed up her meager belongings and set out for adventure.

She had many adventures and learned many a lesson in that forest, as well as learning magic from a few fey she had befriended.

After a time she set out from the forest to a new land hoping for new adventures and to make new friends. Here in this land. Maybe even you.


Current Residence: Enchanted Forest
Place of origin:  Small village near Enchanted Forest
Profession:  Adventurer / knowledge seeker
Race: Human 
Height: 5’ 3″ 
Hair Color:  Blond. sometimes red. fantastacle colors when the mood strikes. 
Eye Color:  Blue
Distinguishing Characteristic:  I have a scar on my forhead from an encounter with a giant cat.
Favored Weapon: Throwing knives 
Likes: a good book, trekking through unknown lands in search of adventure. Interesting people. 
Dislikes:  Okra
Allies:  Psycho, Mythos 
Enemies:  Those who would seek to restrict knowledge.


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