“Conclave of the Fae,

Shades of Light & Dark”

The Dark Ones Spring Party

 March 19th, 2022


 Spring Party Questionnaire — Save us a call!


Date: March 19, 2022
Site: Oubliette, 260 N 87th Pl, Mesa, AZ 85207

Site Opens: 7:00 pm
Anthem: ~Midnight
Bar Closes: 2:00 am
Site Closes: 3:00 am

Costume Ideas: wings, pointy ears, horns, antennae, redcaps, elves, fairies, goblins, mythical creatures, gnomes, brownies, trolls, animal shapeshifters, Dark Ones persona, medieval garb. Costumes are optional.


The Seelie and Unseelie courts have far more in common than they would ever openly acknowledge. Once each year at Eventide a path is opened, and both courts may be found exchanging ideas and libations under the flag of neutrality.


Come join the Dark Ones in observing this celebration, but take care to extend all due hospitality, and beware debts to the Fae. They are wily about ensnaring others, and even the smallest slight can lead to being the prey for their next Wild Hunt.


Faeries are fond of colorful, delightful food to share (potluck page http://www.luckypotluck.com/potluck/DOSpringParty22ConclaveoftheFae), individualized portions are preferred.

As ever, the Jar clamors for coin — or come join the wee brownies, ogres and trolls in helping with setup or cleanup!

We are excited about our new event site near the east Loop 202 at University Dr. We hope to see some of our eastsiders!


If you cannot attend in person, we will be streaming live on our “Dragon” Discord Server to connect with our virtual family across the world.



If you are in a High Risk household, are sick, or were exposed to COVID-19 two weeks prior to the event, please feel free to attend via Discord.

We prefer that people complete their vaccination cycle before attending our events.


We reserve the option to take your temperature at the Gate (any with elevated temperature will not be admitted).


The Site Host & the Event Head require masks to be worn at all times while you are in the house, which is where the bathrooms are. Masks are optional in outdoor areas.


Social Distancing – you are responsible for handling your own distancing.

The bathroom line will be managed, limiting the bathroom line to three people (at a time). Policy enforcement will be handled by The Dark Ones Rangers.

For a more complete list of our Covid protocols, please refer to this document: https://tinyurl.com/fy4cap62


Event Head: Markus
Exchequer: Margie
Historian: Gannd
Site Host: Prisma

“What’s the difference between Light Fae and Dark Fae anyway?”
“Well, the Light Fae are assholes. And the Dark Fae are assholes who have fun.”
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