“Men in Tights

The Dark Ones Spring Party

 March 9th, 2024


Spring Party Questionnaire — Save us a call!


Site: Ouroboros (& Discord)
3209 E Corrine Dr, Phoenix
Site Opens: 7 pm
Anthem: Midnight

Let us know if you are interested!

Costume suggestions (optional): Road agent (highwayman / brigand), tights, peasant, maiden, cloak, knight, guard, medieval garb, DO persona

Hear ye, hear ye! Join us in a knight of celebration, games, feasting, and merriment!

Deep in the wilds of the Morningwood Forest, a band of outlaws and renegades prepare to celebrate their victory over the wicked Sheriff and his UnMerry Men. You can call the Dark Ones many things, but absent from the party is not one of them.

Have some brew that is true, feast on wild boar, and Miracle Max might bring something chocolate-coated.

As always, we welcome you to join our knights at the round tables (we have six!) and pledge your time, cart in your food and libations to tease the tongue, and be sure to empty your pockets into our jar (at the Bar) before the Sheriff finds you. At the end of the night a cart will haul away the bodies, so bring out your dead!

Fill out the Royal Census (questionnaire) to inform us of your intentions:

Potluck Page

Event Head: Psycho
Historian: Prisma
Exchequer: Margie

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