Status: Dark One
Tenure Date: 12/03/22
Member Since: 07/25/15
Sponsors: Psycho & Falconer

Biographical Information:

Full Name: Mikhail Kyenin Darksoul
Known Aliases: Aramus (In the Barony of Adenveldt), Kyenin (in younger days), The Wizard (After Grandfather passed away)
Current Residence: The Pendragon Bestiary
Place of Origin: The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul
Profession: Traveling Tinker who fixes pots and pans, Listener of Stories, and Minion of Psycho and Falconer
Current Height: 5’9″
Current Weight: Fluctuates between 240-280 lbs depending on who’s asking…
Final Form: Not currently known or measured but somewhere between 2-5 Voltron Lions are possibly involved. I AM authorized to form The Head.
Hair Color: Brown and Black and smattering of Silver as age sets in
Eye Color: Amber/Gold depending on mood
Distinguishing Features: Golden eyes, Beard and Long Hair
Title(s): The white Knight, The Knight in Tarnished Armor, The Enforcer, Hey Bartender, The Wizard
Favored Weapon: Two Handed weapons that can be wielded with one hand by Mighty Warriors and a .38 Revolver once carried by a lawman gunned down in defense of the weak and downtrodden.
Likes: Good Libations, Gorgeous Women, Hilarious and Inappropriate Humor and 6 Minute Guitar Solos. Justice and Righteous Vengeance for those unable to fend for themselves.
Dislikes: Eggplant, Stupidity (Yes, it is THAT broad on purpose) and Laziness.
Allies: Everyone and anyone willing to ride this Crazy Train.  Known Passengers: Psycho, Falconer, Margie, Smoke, Snag, Morgan and Shadowstalker.
Enemies: None Living. Anymore.
Special Lineage or Associations: Line of Kings, Unofficial Bartender in Training, Assistant Grillmaster, Proud Member of Lifter of Heavy Things Dept, Logistics Master in Training under The Mighty Beckwith Clan.

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