Status: Prospective
Tenure Date: NA
Member Since: NA
Sponsor: Sanguin Luna [on 11/19/22]

Mythos grew up in the mountain regions of the cold North. He was raised by the nomadic Vikings that lived off what the land provided. They were fierce warriors that taught him how to fight, how to hunt, and how to live off the land. He grew up and found that he was a natural leader. He had a knack for finding hidden paths and secret passages. As he grew older, he ventured to the valley and learned how to interact with common folk. To help ease their troubles he cooks and brews for the people. He hopes to one day live a life free of conflict.
Mythos is usually quiet and unassuming. He takes his time to get to know people and likes to have them get to know him before he reveals anything important. He’s honest and loyal, and he’s not afraid to do what needs to be done. He is good at reading people and can usually tell when someone is hiding something.
Mythos is average height for a Viking, standing at 6’. He has sun kissed skin and eyes that shift with his mood, and a prominent beard. He favors a mead horn over a blade; however, he will use one if pressured. 


Current Residence: The Valley of Scorching Heat
Place of origin:  The Cold North
Profession: Master Brewer
Race: Viking
Height: 6’ 
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Ever Changing
Distinguishing Characteristic: A beard coveted by all
Favored Weapon:  A mead horn and a silver tongue!
Likes:  Money, good mead, good company, chaos, and good game!
Dislikes: Stupidity, boredom, and disrespect
Allies: Unknown
Enemies: Unknown


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