Status: Dark One
Tenure Date: 12/15/07
Member Since: 07/22/95
Sponsor: Morgan

Biographical Information:
Pagan knows not which world in all the multi-dimensional universes is her place of  birth. She was brought as a babe to Hell’s Gate by the Walker of Worlds. Is she a long-sought princess of an ancient and royal family or a nameless peasant brat left exposed on a hillside? Her powerful childhood guardian could not be persuaded to tell. Pagan was taught by her guardian to open and close the nearly infinite doorways of Hell’s Gate as well as to perform other magic. The World Walker departed through an unnamed gate and never returned, leaving Pagan in the care of the automaton servants. As the sole living creature in Hell’s Gate, Pagan soon sought the company of others by traveling through the less complicated Doors. She quests throughout the worlds to seek her origins and the fate of her guardian.


Known Aliases: Pagyn, Aryanna, Shadowcat
Current Residence: Questing thru Ulvag Baragu
Place of Origin: Hell’s Gate
Profession: Adventurer, Sorceress, Dimension Walker
Race: Unknown [humanoid]
Height: 5′ 5″
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Color: Copper
Eye Color: Hazel green
Distinguishing Features: Oak leaf birthmark
Title(s): Mistress of Hell’s Gate, a former Duchess of Darkreach
Favored Weapon: Charms, wiles and potions
Likes: Shiny things, sharp objects and dark beer
Dislikes: Persons who engage in moral proselytizing or malicious gossip
Allies: Morgan, Archduchess of Darkreach
Enemies: Why give them warning?
Special Lineage or Associations: Undisclosed

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