Status: Dark One
Tenure Date: o6/24/23
Member Since: 01/20/18
Sponsor: Margie [03/17/17]

Prisma Borealis is a half-elf mage who is on her path and learning about her potential. She started working with the Dark Ones helping with party setup in two years ago, and has assisted with every party she’s attended since then! She’s become an invaluable co-creator on Margie’s new Ambience team, and is interested in ultimately running DO events herself.

Persona Name: Prisma Borealis

Current residence: Fire Mountain

Place of OriginHighlands

Chosen profession: Mage

Race: Half Human / Half Elf

Height/weight: 5’5″, medium build

Hair Color: Brown, with purple and red streaks

Eye Color: Purple

Distinguishing Features: Purple eyes

Favored Weapons: Crossbow and Mage Fire

Likes: Good food and friends

Dislikes:  Thieves and liars

Allies: Red Hand Society

Enemies: None that are around any longer

Membership Status with the Dark Ones: Prospective

SPONSOR — Margie, as of 03/17/17

My parents met in the mountain town where I grew up… my mom (an elf) was the curator of magical texts and my dad a student at Sleafiara, Institute of Wizardry — they were fated to be together.

Being raised in a family immersed in magic, it was not a shock that I followed suit, slowly learning to draw forth my arcane powers. Required to learn multiple schools of magic I eventually mastered Abjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation and Illusion… but it was Mage Fire that was my passion.

After my schooling I entered a period of secret instruction from Adhana, my mentor, which enabled me to become a force to be reckoned with. After the death of Adhana, it was time to move on and I began the journey to search for my place in the world. I headed south into the wild lands, meeting like-minded people and continually developing my skills.

Having somewhat settled into a new region I started to sell my abilities to local groups in need. After considering a few other guilds, I joined and ultimately now lead the local Red Hand Society. One day a colleague was attending an interesting-sounding gathering and invited me along. This was how fate catapulted me into the realm of The Dark Ones.

Knowing that Magic and Art go hand in hand, I have set my sights on sharing my abilities here.   I know that with persistence and determination, there’s nothing to stop me from fulfilling all my dreams.

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