Boston Brewing Company
Samuel Adams Rebel IPA,
West Coast Style

With a rebel yell, I cried more, more, beer…
From the Samuel Adams website: “Unlike some West Coast style IPAs that overpower with hops, Samuel Adams Rebel IPA features citrus and grapefruit highlights. These bright flavors are balanced by subtle pine notes, allowing for an exceptionally smooth pour, without sacrificing any of the character you’d expect from a West Coast style IPA.”
Grapefruit? Uh oh… my doctor warned me against grapefruit. Ah, I’m sure I’ll be fine.
I’m curious about what is a “west coast style IPA,” and how strongly the hops come through compared to a typical India Pale Ale. Something to try out later.
On first pour, there is a thick head that leaves lacy trails along the lip of the glass over a golden amber brew. The bouquet is surprisingly clean, with a rich orange and malty sweetness strongly coming through. The hops is strong on the first taste, with floral and citris undertones in the flavor overall, but it rapidly smooths out to a caramel-y and brown sugar-y finish. Fans of IPAs will appreciate the mellowing of the usual hops “bite,” and the average beer drinker will enjoy the sweetness and the full-bodied flavors. Give it a shot! You’ll find it at grocery stores and on tap. It’s a terrific introduction to India Pale Ales, unusual and harmless. Even if there’s grapefruit in it, which I’ll have to take at face value because I couldn’t tell ;ljk;j.l,………………….,



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