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Rigel has been around the Dark Ones for more years than can be easily counted. Always willing to help with the parties, Rigel will make a great addition to the group.

Introduced to the Dark Ones at the convention party at Coppercon 15 (1995).
First attended House party at Sanctuary for Dead Mans Party 1996/7.
Attended every D.O. party since, with the exception of Dead Mans 1999.
Ran the Room Party at TusCon In mid 2000’s.
Helped with set up or tear down of most parties for last 3 years.

Would like to learn more about running parties and events as a staff member.
A good student, he will step up to lead once he feels comfortable with what to do.



When it became apparent the revolt against the corrupt leaders of their city was headed for a bad end, Rif and Black Cal Haloran placed their son Rigel on a fleeing ship to get him to safety.
Knowing he can never return home, Rigel has learned to find joy in his travels, and in helping those around him.

Current Residence:    Aboard the ship Finity’s End
Place of Origin:    Merovengen

Race: Human / 5′ 8″ 175 lb / Black Hair / Blue Eyes
Distinguishing Features   Scarred Hands, Several tattoos
Favored Weapon: Sabre

Likes: Beer, red meat, white meat, blue meat
Dislikes: Theocracies

Allies:    Falconer, Pagan, Psycho, crew of Finity’s End

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