Shyshonie The Amazon

Status: DOA
Tenure Date: NA
Member Since: 07/30/16
Sponsor: Ozzy


Shyshonie’s Bio:

Known Aliases

Shyshonie the Amazon

Current Residence / Place of origin

Forrest/ Mountains


Wanderer, roams the lands in seeking knowledge

Race / Height / Hair / Eyes

Human/Wolf, mixed with a little of Coyote and Fox, 6’2” / Hair; Blood Red/Black / Eyes; Blue/Silver, depends on mood

Favored Weapon

Her Eyes, Honesty, Intimidation, Guns, Knives, Axes


Love Horses, Wolves, another animals, Nature, Knowledge


You being stupid! / People who do not understand when to leave her alone


Friends who stand behind her


The ones that have made her mad.  Here is your warning now, “Watch yourself near Shyshonie.”  You may not ever know that she has you on her list. She will strike back in her own way and time.

Extra Information

Be careful in the questions you ask, you may not like her response

Dark Ones Resume:

2010 February first D.O. Party.

Since then, helping with Set-up, Clean/Tear down, Bartending, Checking IDs, Food, Making Sign-In Boards, Call around, Transportation (before the Trailer)

DarkCon: 2012 & 2014, helped with VIP, Transportation & Security

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