The Next Chapter

by Oshiah

“Someone must want you dead. Someone of great influence.” The voice of an angel spoke.
“Did they get their wish?” mumbled Wilgar.
“Not this day Titanian.” As his eyes cleared, he could see the cloudy sky above. Looking toward the voice, Wilgar saw a beautiful woman kneeling over Cirox-Thong.
“You and your friends are very fortunate,” she said softly.
“Are they all okay?” he asked while attempting to get back to his feet.
“Yes. It seems the three of you took the harshest of the punishment brought by the ocean. The captain and his crew have already moved on. They seem to fear me, but they left you in my care.”
Staring at her nearly naked form, Wilgar asked, “And who are you?” Turning and smiling, she stepped over Oshiah’s limp body and approached. Bowing, she spoke, “I am Vannah Galadriel of the sea kingdom.”
He hadn’t noticed before, but Wilgar could now see the woman’s skin was a pale shade of blue and her hair was adorned with various seashells. Her gossamer dress clung to her still-wet body.
Bowing and then taking her hand “I am Wilgar the Cleric, High Priest of Titan…ian… you know… of me?”
Brushing the mossy hair out of her face and tucking it behind her pointy ear, “Yes, I’ve heard of you. Oshiah has spoken often of you.” Tiptoeing back to the spot where Oshiah lay, she knelt down and kissed him on the lips.
Raising his eyebrows, Wilgar turned to see to his gear. Glancing down the beach a ways, he could see Dante running along the shore with a large mass in his jaws.
Shaking the water out of his ears, Wilgar checked his two companions — neither seemed to have more than a few scrapes on them. The vague memories of the ship shredding beneath his feet were confirmed by the splinters of wood floating in the nearby surf.
Kneeling between Oshiah and Cirox, Wilgar whispered a word to Titane and they both sat up abruptly, fully awake and alert. “We were attacked by something in the sea,” Wilgar explained. “Some creature from what I remember. By Titane’s will and the help of this sea maiden, we triumphed.”
Looking around, both men’s eyes focused on the beautiful elvish woman standing to one side. The tide pushed debris onto the shore at her feet and swirled foam about her ankles.
“Vannah!” Oshiah exclaimed as he leapt unsteadily to his feet and greeted her with a big hug. Settling her back to the beach after a twirl, “I wasn’t sure if you got my message, but I’m glad you did.”
Gesturing to his companions Oshiah introduced them. “This is my friend Wilgar — he’s a Cleric. And that is Cirox-Thong — he’s good with… people. This is Vannah. She knows the elements.”


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