Status: Dark One
Tenure Date: 07/26/14
Member Since: 02/28/09

Biographical Information:
Born to Arol of The Scottish Mills, I learned the trade of creating and fixing things made of metal, while adventuring  in my youth, I happened upon a rather stout Dwarf that was being set upon by some evil looking things in gray plate armor.  Fortune smile on us both as we were able to defeat the seemingly unstoppable enemy, but not without some damage to our own armor.  The stout Dwarf turned out to be Rolfe, Prince of the Bear Mountain Dwarves. I offered to repair Rolfe’s damaged armor, he was so impressed with the work that he claimed me as his Chief Armorer and Weaponsmith. I’m quite busy….now that Rolfe is King.


Known Aliases: Blunc
Current residence: Den of Feline Impalement
Place of origin: Mythrograben
Profession: Mechanical Alchemist
Race: Dwarf / Height: 6’1” (kinda big for a Dwarf, eh?)
Weight: 250 / Hair Color: brown / Eye Color: blue
Distinguishing features: big for a Dwarf
Favored Weapon: hammer, battleaxe and sarcasm
Likes: steak & potatos
Dislikes: people that stand in doorways!
Allies: The Dark Ones, Velites
Enemies: (we won’t talk about them right now)
Special Lineage or Associations: Married to Margie

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