Status: DOA
Tenure Date: NA
Member Since: 07/27/19
Sponsor: Merchant [on 04/27/18]

Thoughts as a Prospective

I’ve been attending Dark One’s events for about 8 years now. Life had always thrown monkey wrenches in terms of seeking membership. Finally I took the leap. I count some of my closest and dearest friends amongst the ranks of the Dark Ones. They have become my family here in the desert and to be welcomed into the rest of their family would be amazing.

As a Dark One, I hope to use my voice and ability to network to promote Dark One’s events and carry on with the great work many others already do. I also hope to bring new flavors to dishes as we celebrate new foods and enjoy classics.

So far as a prospective I’ve assisted with setup for the April 2018 party as well as the set up for the June members only gathering. I am slated to run the kitchen for the August party barring any strangeness or dragon and ork attack.

I plan to update this page as my journey to becoming a Dark One continues.


Known Aliases: Sancho

Current residence: A tiny room above a martial training area
Place of Origin: A mountainous region born of Coal and Smoke.
Chosen profession: Storyteller. A teller of tales tall and short.

Race: Human // Height 6’2” // Weight:  300 lbs // Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: They change depending on mood. Somedays sadness creates the deepest blues, joy and mirth create a verdant green, serious creates a grey of a stormy sky

Distinguishing Features: A connoisseur of perfumes and colognes, chances are Torus will have pleasant smells upon his self. A full beard does little to hide a mischevious grin

Favored Weapons: Hands, little a foe can do when they are rendered unconscious from an unexpected choke or joint lock. When in large battles a spear is the wisest choice

Likes: Cuisine from lands afar, capturing the attention of his audience with his yarns. Gladiatorial and stage combat.
Dislikes: Injustice, Sloppy Drunks, and Olives

Allies: Connections come easily to this storyteller. He almost always knows a guy about a thing that could help.
Enemies: Sometimes Torus is his greatest enemy.

Special Lineage or Associations: a fine lineage of miscreants and malcontents working to make a positive change.

For years, Torus stood vigilant at Merchant’s Cart, spinning yarns and keeping a watchful eye of those that gathered for Merchants good and fine foods. Also a skilled culinarian, nothing brings Torus more joy than friends and family going back for seconds

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