Wilgar the Cleric,
The only one you’ll ever need.


Status: Dark One
Tenure Date: 04/22/95
Member Since: 10/31/92
Sponsor: Original DOA

Biographical Information:
Perhaps best known as the Champion of the first F.C.A. Dragon Tourney, Wilgar has the distinct honor of being a founding member of the Portal Warriors and assisting in the exploration of those far off realms of adventure to which we travelled during our reconnaissance of the portals themselves.  Do ‘Nog, Do Time. 


Known Aliases:
Current residence: Somewhere in the Multiverse
Place of origin: Free City of Ar, Great Kolaaran Empire
Profession: Uhh…Cleric?
Race: Human / Height: 5’11” / Weight: 210 lb
Hair Color: Brown / Eye Color: Hazel
Distinguishing features: Very Charismatic
Title(s): High Priest
Favored Weapon: Mace
Likes: Assisting in maintaining the balance of Good and Evil in the Multi-verse
Dislikes: Liches, and absent minded Wizards
Allies: The Dark Ones, The Undying Nomads
Enemies: Any enemy of the balance, Enemies of my Friends. Liches.
Special Lineage or Associations:

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