“Winter’s End”

The Dark Ones

 February 1st, 2020


Site: Ouroboros, 3209 E Corrine Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85032

Date: Feb 1, 2020
Site Opens: 7pm
Anthem: ~Midnight
Bar Closes: 2am
Site Closes: 3am
Costume Ideas: medieval garb, celtic, norse, wintry attire, cloak, DO persona

The winter is cold, bitter, and chills us to the bone. The sun has barely been seen in months, missing for so long that one fears it will never return. While winter is a necessity, a pause for reflection — it is now time to feast to celebrate hibernation’s end, and remind ourselves of the warmth that will soon return, bringing us back to the joyous blooms of spring.

Come tip a glass with us, fill your belly — savor the delights. Commingle and socialize, make a new friend or ally… Rumor has it that a war is brewing.

In honor of the impending change of seasons, we offer an activity table for those interested in taking some “spring celebration” home with them.

As ever, we encourage you to bring food for the feast, or a bottle for the bar. You can lend a hand for setup, cleanup, or help us during the party — we always need volunteers! Making a cash donation helps to pay for the kegs and meat, and other party supplies.

Event Head: Margie
Exchequer: Alseid
Historian: Rigel
Site Host: Lief

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