Status: Prospective
Tenure Date: NA
Member Since: NA
Sponsor: Alseid [on 09/12/21]
Additional Sponsors: Mikhail, Torus, Merchant, Oshiah, Blackfeather, Scrivener

Ysandir. A name. A place. A people. Long since taken by the mists of time, Ysandir is, alone, the last of her kind. Raised many millennia ago, Yllira traveled with her kind over the sea, from a land of vaulted grey stone halls set with blue screens and glass to a colder, wilder place, where her kin desired to spread their joy. Alas, it was not to be so – the wild folk of the new land resisted their music and song, resisted their magical touch. And so, one by one, the Ysandir either left, or passed on, leaving only young Yllira to bring her song to the threads of time. And yet…. Not all is lost. For as long as one remains, the song still is sung. Yllira takes on the name of her people as her own, becoming Ysandir, One, and All. She travels, learns, grows, ages and yet is ageless.

In the end, Ysandir happens upon a people of great intelligence – a people to whom her song is new, and welcome. A people whom are not against her magical Touch, and allow it to hold sway over their minds and bodies. Ysandir grows, and strengthens – and travels. With her are new songs, new… souls, in her well. She comes upon a new people, a powerful kingdom – they name themselves the Dark Ones. Ysandir is intrigued, and is pulled nearer. Their songs are dark, but deep, and full of life. She lingers, for a while, aiding where it is needful, traveling and returning, always with a Touch, or a song. Ysandir…. Learns.


Current Residence: Between here, and there
Place of Origin: Far across the sea, long back in time
Species: Unknown (Fae-touched, perhaps?)
Height: 5’4″
Hair: Sometimes dark blond, sometimes brunette, sometimes… other
Eyes: Hazel green
Distinguishing Characteristics: Hands always in motion
Favored Weapons: The Magic Touch
Likes: good food, good drink, good people
Dislikes: bullshit, memory loss


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