The Dark Ones typically throw 4 parties during the year at people’s houses. There tend to be between 100 and 250 people during normal years and have been as big as 350 – 700 people for special events.

We have also been known to throw parties at local Sci Fi / Fantasy conventions during the year. These are completely up to the whims of the membership to produce and seem to come and go fairly regularly.

During the promotion of each DarkCon (our bi-annual signature event) we will have a number of special promotional parties at local and even regional conventions (determined by the Staff of DarkCon).


Upcoming Events:

 2015 April Party – Click Here for all the details
 2015 August Party – Details TBA
 2015 Dead Man’s Party – Details TBA


Past Events:


Death Skull2014 Dead Man’s Party – “The Casino of the Damned”

[Our Halloween Event] [Post Event Report] 

Saturday October 25, 2014 [Event Page]

Special Members Only Event

Late September – Members (w/Families) & Prospectives. [Event Page]

Shadowhaven2014 August Party
Backyard -BBQ – Beer Bash


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