Date: August 30, 2014
Site: Shadowhaven, 8726 N. 48th Ave., Glendale


The Harvest Festival

Le Fete de Vendage – Charles Edmond Delort

Site opens at 7:00 pm
Party starts at 8:00 pm
Anthem at midnight
Bar closes at 2:00 am
Site closes at 3:00 am
Sunday Clean-up 10:00 am

Theme: Backyard BBQ Beer Bash

Costume Suggestions: Medieval garb, Dark Ones persona, swim wear


It’s flashback time! In the early days of the Dark Ones, the August party was called the “Backyard BBQ Beer Bash”. We’ve done a score of different themes since then, but this year we are going back to our roots! [But with a pool.] The specific details of the first parties ever thrown by the Dark Ones are lost in a drunken haze, but this has consistently been the largest party of the year. We’ll have some pre-mixed drinks, as well as kegs of Guinness, cider and a less-robust beer for the faint of heart. (Feel free to bring a bottle of your favorite to share, since the Bar always needs re-stocking!)

In the immortal words of Thornton Melon “Bring us a pitcher of beer every seven minutes until somebody passes out. And then bring one every ten minutes!”

As in those days of yore, chicken and brats will be served, and you’re encouraged to bring additional food to grill, chips, and traditional BBQ side dishes. Or hey, go crazy and bring something non-traditional, that’s fine. (To reduce the amount of kitchen traffic, we’d like to suggest that you prep what you can ahead of time!) Foodie bits are being coordinated through Margie (602) 796-1229 so give it some thought and sign up to bring a dish!

And as ever, we always appreciate your cash donation in the Jar!

Volunteers are being recruited for set up, clean up, bartending, grilling, etc. If you are willing to help with the party, please contact Ozzy (602) 430-3413 or Oshiah (623) 374-1520

Event Head – Ozzy
Historian – Oshiah
Exchequer – Pagan

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